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Electric Spin Scrubber, Airpher 10 in 1 Cordless Cleaning Brush IPX8 with 9 Replaceable Brush Heads and 4 Section Removable Rod

Electric Spin Scrubber, Airpher 10 in 1 Cordless Cleaning Brush IPX8 with 9 Replaceable Brush Heads and 4 Section Removable Rod

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  • 🏡【10 in 1 ELECTRIC SPIN SCRUBBER】Our electric spin scrubber comes with 9 brush heads, a velcro holder and hook to meet your various cleaning needs. Choose the brush head that suits your cleaning task! Use the pointed brush for tile grout, edges and corners; the large flat brush for floors, bathtub; small flat brush for sinks or toilets; the curved brush for curved surfaces like washbasin; the scouring pad for the stove; the sponge brush for windows; and the cloth brush for wooden floors.
  • 🏡【IPX8 WATERPROOF & CORDLESS DESIGN】Our electric cleaning brush is IPX8 full-body waterproof, allowing it to work in water for a long time without damage, even if it is fully soaked in water (ensure silicone plug is sealed). The cordless design ensures that the cord doesn't hinder cleaning in hard-to-reach areas. Our bathroom power scrubber is upgraded to a type-C charging port(adapter Not Included) and can work continuously for 90-120 minutes on a single charge, perfect for daily cleaning.
  • 🏡【4-SECTION DETACHABLE HANDLE】 The electric spin shower scrubber for cleaning the bathroom comes with a 4-section detachable handle that can be adjusted from 29 to 47 inches, making household cleaning effortless, providing stability and allows you to clean hard-to-reach areas without bending or kneeling. Say goodbye to traditional cleaning methods and save your back and knees. The electric spin scrubber supports over 20kg of weight and continues to work without interruption under pressure.
  • 🏡【EFFICIENT & EFFORTLESS CLEANING】Are you tired of cleaning your house with a cloth in your hand, causing back pain and joint problems? Our electric spin scrubber is designed for your housework cleaning needs. The cordless electric spin scrubber can easily remove stubborn stains and reduce your cleaning time from 1 hour to just 15 mins. Save time and effort and say goodbye to heavy hand work. It is recommended to use a cleaning agent together with the power scrubber for better cleaning results.
  • 🏡【IDEAL GIFT FOR YOUR FAMILY】Our lightweight electric spin scrubber is easy to use and not only a good helper for house cleaning but also a perfect gift for mothers, the elderly, and those who hate the exhausting task of cleaning. The portable electric spin scrubber effectively releases the burden of daily housecleaning. Our bathroom power scrubber is compact enough to be hung up on the wall with an included hook, and you can also disassemble the scrubber and store it in a drawer.

Do you have these troubles in your daily household cleaning?

Walls and ceilings too high to reach?

Can't brush the corners or crannies?

Stubborn stains that are difficult to clean?

Unbearable back pain and joint pain caused by long hours of cleaning?

If so, the Airpher electric spin scrubber is the solution you've been looking for! With powerful, long-lasting battery life and a cordless design, this power scrubber allows you to clean wherever you need to without any hassle. Save time and energy with the incredible power of the cordless electric spin scrubber, which can easily handle tough cleaning tasks while reducing hand cramps and aching knees and back, making cleaning a breeze.

Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning with the Airpher electric spin scrubber!

Why choose Airpher electric spin scrubber?

 10 -in 1 Electric Spin Scrubber: Included with 9 replaceable brush heads and 1 convenient hook, you can clean any area in the kitchen, bathroom, floor or car with ease.

 Save cleaning time: Save time and effort with this electric scrubber. It's faster and more efficient than traditional manual cleaning methods.

 IPX8 full body waterproof: The highest waterproof grade in the market, fully protected from water damage, allowing it to work even when fully submerged.

✔ Portable Type-C Charging: Portable Type-C charging cable and large capacity battery ensure that you can charge and use it anywhere, and the detachable design is also a must-have cleaning helper.

 The First Choice for Thoughtful Gifts: The cordless electric spin scrubber makes a thoughtful gift for your loved ones, friends, and colleagues. It's perfect for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, or any occasion.

Simplify your daily cleaning routine with the Airpher electric spin scrubber!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Customer service is excellent

I received my product and used it for the first time with excellent results. However, after charging it the first time it would not work. I called customer service and spoke with Sally, who was very helpful, polite, and informative. I did exactly as she suggested, and I am now awaiting a replacement. it is nice to be able to reach out to customer service and receive rapid responses.

Dodi Orr
No more sore knees!

My tile floors look new again. The grout is clean and I didn’t have to get down on my old knees to get it done!

Rick Mills
Rechargable scrubber ideal for interior/exterior cleaning of various surfaces

DESCRIPTION: This rechargeable spin scrubber can be used as a hand-held unit, or with the 40" extension handle.
ASSEMBLY: The extension handle consists of four pieces which snap together. The handle then screws into the bottom of the scrubber, and has a detent release button which prevents it from unscrewing itself while in use.
The extension handle is quite sturdy and uses spring detent buttons so it cannot separate in use.
The handle locks into the scrubber and has a detent release button so it cannot unscrew itself while in use.

A wall mount clip is provided to hang the assembled scrubber up if you wish. I found it easier to just store everything inside an 18 quart plastic tote (see photo).

The various attachments are quite secure when attached, they use a system similar to that found on socket wrenches.

The variety of attachments allow a good selection for various tasks.

It has a long run time (manual says 90 minutes).

The speed is good for cleaning, not too fast nor slow. Two speeds are provided, but they are not much different.
The names shown for the attachments on box are inconsistent with as the ones in the manual, so it was initially difficult to match up which attachment was which. My advice here is to ignore the names on the box, and go by the ones in the manual as they are consistent there.

There is no mention about ordering replacement attachments, I can envision they could wear out over time. The manufacturer's web site does not show this product.

The charger cable has a USB-A end but no 120v-USB adapter is provided; so you will need to scrounge your own from some other device.
This is now my go-to device for cleaning surfaces such as our whirlpool tub and exterior house siding.

The attachments allow close cleaning around the ports on the tub. The pointed brush gets inside the water ports. The polishing pad does a nice job of removing any soap film.

We have a seasonal issue with the siding on the north side of the house getting a mildew deposit. This usually means ladder work with scrub pads. This scrubber allows reaching almost to the top of the wall, and the rotary head cleans the siding with one pass (See photo).
MY RATING: 5 stars for a nice product which serves the purpose well. It will save me lots of time and ladder work. Lack of a charger adapter is not a big point as they are pretty common and I have a few extra anyway.

Melissa Martin
Works Really Good!!

This works nicely with The Pink Stuff for cleaning our glass showers that develop hard water spots. Very easy to use! Stores nicely, in the box, under our bathroom cabinet. REasy to use right out of the box.

Brush cleaner

This tool is very versatile and does a good job!